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Empathy Virus

This project set up to empathise with the virus to stop the hate and inspire people to think about the virus in a different way. If we understand the virus, we can defuse the hated minds and find a way to live together to stop this pandemic.

People evolve their behavior with the view of belief. We have seen the change of racism, homophobia, sexism, and other biases over time. As we are valuing sustainability more than ever before, people inventing their own ways to protect the environment. I hope this applies to the pandemic and we  brainstorm the solution together.


We do not think hating the virus is the problem yet, but if we hate the virus, it is poising our brain to embrace the solution we desperately need to end the pandemics. Hating the virus is an urgent issue we need to address and empathise with the virus needed to end the pandemics.

Ending the pandemics seem impossible but it is an achievable goal if we all work together as we saw the progress in other wicked problems.

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